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Wind Energy Applications
K.R. Rao, PhD, PE
K.R. Rao, PhD, PE
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Wind power has soared in terms of installed capacities and market share over the last decades. It has also become a source of sizeable economic activity. Its project activities in terms of manufacture both for domestic and international markets, installation & commissioning have increased. Operational wind power has provided a sizeable number of high technology jobs in remote areas. Several positive impacts observed in terms of major electrical grid expansions have resulted in many centres of economic importance. The only threat for wind power, if we may call it, is from the solar electricity. Notwithstanding the fact that wind power technologies originally evolved in Europe and to an extent in United States, major commercial exploitation is seen in Asia, predominantly China. As a matter of fact, China leads the pack with India occupying fifth position. China changed its stance regarding Wind Power in 2007-08. Chinese approach has been to concentrate on “building big” and there was no hesitation to employ technology resources including expertise from Europe and the United States to set up comprehensive technology base. India, in contrast, concentrated more on deployment of technologies from overseas, even in terms of component development. There have been considerable efforts by the Government and private sector players in terms of largescale wind projects with meteorological towers up to 160 m height. Well documented and informed assessment reports are produced for future wind farms and wind solar hybrid projects.

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