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Fabrication of Metallic Pressure Vessels

Owen R. Greulich
Owen R. Greulich
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Maan H. Jawad
Maan H. Jawad
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Fabrication of Metallic Pressure Vessels delivers comprehensive coverage of the various processes used in the fabrication of process equipment. The authors, both accomplished engineers, offer readers a broad understanding of the steps and processes required to fabricate pressure vessels, including cutting, forming, welding, machining, and testing, as well as suggestions on controlling costs.

Each chapter provides a complete description of a specific fabrication process and details its characteristics and requirements. Alongside the accessible and practical text, you’ll find equations, charts, copious illustrations, and other study aids designed to assist the reader in the real-world implementation of the concepts discussed within the book.

You’ll find numerous appendices that include weld symbols, volume and area equations, pipe and tube dimensions, weld deposition rates, lifting shackle data, and more.

In addition to detailed discussions of cutting, machining, welding, and post-weld heat treatments, readers will also benefit from the inclusion of:

A thorough introduction to construction materials, including both ferrous and nonferrous alloys. An exploration of layout, including projection and triangulation, material thickness and bending allowance, angles and channels, and marking conventions.

A treatment of material forming, including bending versus three-dimensional forming, plastic theory, forming limits, brake forming, roll forming, and tolerances.

Practical discussions of fabrication, including weld preparation, forming, vessel fit up and assembly, correction of distortion, and transportation of vessels.

Perfect for new and established engineers, designers, and procurement personnel working with process equipment or in the fabrication field, Fabrication of Metallic Pressure Vessels will also earn a place in the libraries of students in engineering programs seeking a one-stop resource for the fabrication of pressure vessels.

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