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Engineering Practice with Oilfield and Drilling Applications

Donald W. Dareing
Donald W. Dareing
University of Tennessee
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Explains how to apply time-tested engineering design methods when developing equipment and systems for oil industry and drilling applications

Although specific requirements and considerations must be incorporated into an engineering design for petroleum drilling and production, the approach for developing a successful solution is the same across many engineering disciplines. Engineering Practice with Oilfield and Drilling Applications helps readers understand the engineering design process while demonstrating how basic engineering tools can be applied to meet the needs of the oil and petroleum industry.

Divided into three parts, the book opens with an overview of best practices for engineering design and problem solving, followed by a summary of specific mechanical design requirements for different modes of power generation, transmission, and consumption. The book concludes with explanations of various analytical tools of design and their application in vibration analysis, fluid mechanics, and drilling systems. Throughout the book, clearly written chapters present traditional tools of engineering mechanics, various mathematical models and methods of solution, key references and background information, and more. Featuring hundreds of figures and a wealth of real-word examples from the petroleum industry, this practical reference:

  • Presents a systematic process for developing an engineering design

  • Illustrates the application of engineering tools during all stages of design

  • Discusses key specifications and considerations for pressure vessels and drilling rigs

  • Explains concept evaluation, visualization of a system and its subsystems, implementing feedback from test results, finalizing a design, and presenting manufacturing drawings

Drawn from the author’s decades of academic and industrial experience, Engineering Practice with Oilfield and Drilling Applications is the perfect textbook for undergraduate and graduate students in Engineering programs, as well as a highly useful reference for mechanical engineers new to the petroleum industry.

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