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Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing: Applications, Analysis, Gauging and Measurement [per ASME Y14.5-2018]

James D. Meadows
James D. Meadows
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ASME Press
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Readers will learn:

  1. Profile of a surface, profile of a line, composite profile, two single segment profile, coplanarity, continuous feature of size and conicity; their tolerance zone configurations and how to measure them.

  2. All around controls, all over controls, unilateral tolerances, the unilateral/unequal tolerance symbol, equal bilateral tolerances, unequal bilateral tolerances, non-uniform zones, showing extent of control, and ASME vs. ISO tolerance zones.

  3. How to tolerance complex curved surfaces to mate using unilateral profile tolerances.

  4. How to sequentially apply and read feature control frames for perpendicularity, position and profile of a surface.

  5. Composite vs. two single segment profile of a surface tolerances; their similarities, differences, strengths, weaknesses and uses.

  6. Relating patterns of features using 3 levels of profile controls.

  7. Locating planar surfaces from one another using profile of a surface.

  8. Dynamic Profile

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