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Online Companion Guide to the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Codes: Criteria and Commentary on Select Aspects of the Boiler & Pressure Vessel Codes

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This chapter provides a commentary on the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Division 3, 2015 Edition. It is intended to be used as a companion to Division 3 by Manufacturers and Users of high-pressure vessels, and includes guidance for Inspectors, materials suppliers, and others. The Code permits the use of U.S. Customary units, SI units, or local customary units at the User’s option. It provides some flexibility in the use of units, recognizing that material data may be in one system of units while calculations are performed in another system of units. The chapter is divided into 10 parts as in Section VIII, Division 3. It covers the following topics: general, material, and design requirements; supplementary requirements for bolting; special design requirements for layered vessels; and design requirements for attachments, supports, and heating and cooling jackets. The chapter also includes information on fracture mechanics evaluation, design using auto-frettage, and special design requirements for wire-wound vessels and frames. Design requirements for openings, closures, heads, bolting, and seals are also presented. The chapter then covers the scope, jurisdiction and organization of Division 3, followed by a discussion on fatigue evaluation and pressure-relief devices. It discusses the requirements for the examination, fabrication, and testing. The chapter also contains requirements for marking, stamping, reports, and records. Nonmandatory appendices provide guidance for fracture mechanics calculations and for determining critical locations where cracks may start and rules of thumb for crack aspect ratios.

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