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Online Companion Guide to the ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Codes
ASME Press
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This chapter provides criteria and commentary for ASME Section VI, which presents guidelines for the safe and efficient operation of steam-heating boilers, hot-water-supply boilers, and hot-water-heating boilers after installation. These rules are nonmandatory unless they are adopted into the laws of a governmental jurisdiction. The chapter is divided into nine parts, along with the necessary figures and tables for each part. Part 1 covers the scope of the chapter, provides some background on the use of illustrations and manufacturer’s information, and includes a glossary of terms applicable to boilers, fuels, fuel-burning equipment, combustion, and water treatment. Part 2 deals with the classification of boilers based on their design, construction, and application. Different types of boilers, such as steel, cast iron, modular, and vacuum boilers, are described and illustrated. The requirements of accessories such as safety relief valves and pressure gages, and their installation are addressed in Part 3. Part 4 deals with the characteristics of common fuels used for combustion in boilers such as gas, oil, coal, and wood products. Part 5 provides information on the controls for managing the functions of the fuel-burning equipment, namely operating, limit, safety, and programming controls. Part 6 covers all the requirements of boiler-room facilities for safe operation and maintenance. Recommendations for the operation, maintenance, and repair of steam boilers are included in Part 7 in addition to the procedures for inspection of steam boilers. Part 8 deals with the operation, maintenance, and repair guidelines for hot-water boilers and tests and inspections of hot-water-supply and hot-water-heating boilers. Water treatment considerations, boiler water problems, the chemicals used for water treatment and their functions, treatment alternatives, and various procedures are discussed in Part 9.

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Thermally Induced tress Cycling
National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors
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