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Online Companion Guide to the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Codes: Criteria and Commentary on Select Aspects of the Boiler & Pressure Vessel Codes

ASME Press
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This chapter covers the ASME B31.1 Power Piping Code and provides additional insight into the proper use of the Code. The chapter intends to supplement and provide additional insight to the proper use of the Code. It begins with a discussion of the conditions or considerations for the design of piping systems; the basis of the allowable stresses, quality factors, etc. to be used for the design of piping systems; and the requirements for pressure design of piping components. The chapter briefly addresses various piping components or types of piping joints which might be limited to nonhazardous or nonflammable fluids, size limitation, pressure, and temperature limits. It also addresses the requirements for designing power piping systems subject to thermal expansion, contraction, or other displacement stress producing loads. The chapter then provides information on the factors to be considered during the design of pipe supports and those piping systems typically found in power generating facilities. It presents some examples of how the piping codes are interrelated for some common carbon steel and stainless steel Pressure Rating/Dimensional Standards, Material Forming Standards, and Material Grades. The chapter lists the acceptable standards for Code construction such as ASME, API, AWWA, ASTM, etc. It then addresses the requirements for fabrication, assembly, inspection, examination, testing, and maintenance of piping systems. A number of appendices are included in the Code. The Mandatory Appendices contain information on allowable stress, thermal expansion data, moduli of elasticity, stress intensification factors and rules for nonmetallic pipes to name a few. The Nonmandatory Appendices include information on safety valves, corrosion, and operation and maintenance and more.


Charles Becht IV was the author of “Chapter 16” titled “B31.1 Power Piping” for the original, second and third editions. Chapter 17 of the third edition was revised in its entirety and renumbered as Chapter 36 in the fourth edition. The fifth edition was authored by Jimmy E. Meyer and Joe Frey. The current online edition has been updated by Jimmy E. Meyer and Kristi A. Vilminot.

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