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Engineer Entrepreneur

Daniel T. Koenig, P.E.
Daniel T. Koenig, P.E.
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ASME Press
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The entrepreneur is different from mere mortals in one significant manner: Persons blessed with the entrepreneurial spirit have a burning desire to see the idea of their dreams achieve the reality of commercialization, probably to make a significant profit, but that's not the key ingredient. They're more desirous of just seeing their creation become real, just like an actor dreaming to see his name on the theater marquee. It doesn't matter if the show's a hit. That's not the priority. But to have your name in lights as the headliner is a priority. The same is true of the entrepreneur. The thrill of being recognized as the inventor of the “thingamajig” or the driving force of the management process that's revolutionizing industry is the key driver for what makes entrepreneurs go. Of course in back of it all is the dream of being rich and famous, with the emphasis on the latter because we've all been brought up to expect fame to generate riches, such that we can have everything we've ever wanted from the material world. The entrepreneur dreams of fame and works with a driven intensity to make it happen. But having an idea and making it real is a perilous journey. In this chapter, we will see what it takes to make that journey and come to a happy ending.

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