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International Conference on Mechanical and Electrical Technology 2009 (ICMET 2009)

Wenzheng Li
Wenzheng Li
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X-series cylinder was adopted for accelerated test, whose acceleration stress includes temperature and velocity under use level conditions of 308K and 0.25m/s. Life data were collected and estimated based on Eyring-Weibull distribution. Data statistics, evaluation and transformation concerning accelerated life test were performed based on statistical theories that are related to Eyring-Weibull model, and cylinder reliability indices under normal stress conditions were reproduced accurately with temperature and velocity being used as the reliability information of accelerated stress to transform results.

Oil sludge, which is composite, is usually used to make model car. Making model car by hand is increasingly being replaced by the high speed mill machine. Because of the short service of this material in industry, its physical characteristics and machinability are now developing. The cutting force model is created and cutting force is investigated in this paper. Moreover, the cutting force equation of the oil sludge is created by analyzing data obtained using force measurement in machining processes. Significance test is used to analyze the equation of regression based on regression analysis principle. The test results indicated that oil sludge is suitable for cutting in high speed milling and cutting force equation created by test is in accordance with actual cutting. The experiment provides a reliable basis for the choice of power and design of the high speed machine of oil sludge.

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