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Companion Guide to the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Volume 3, Third Edition
K. R. Rao
K. R. Rao
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ASME Press
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Chapter 61, authored by Dr. Luc H. Geraets, introduces Belgium as an important actor in the applications of nuclear energy. The author provides a short historical summary of the development of nuclear power in Belgium. He explains the choice made by Belgium to follow the USNRC rules for the construction of its nuclear units, and details how the design and safety analysis of these units have been done by applying the US rules and all the associated documentation (regulatory guides, standard review plans, ASME Code, IEEE standards, ANSI, ANS, etc.). The practical transposition of the ASME Code to the Belgian environment is then presented; in particular, the use of Section XI for repairs and replacements is analyzed in full detail.

This system has proven its workability and efficiency. However, in 2003, Belgium voted a nuclear phase-out law, which provides for abandoning the use of fissile nuclear energy for industrial electricity production; until new legislation happens, there will be no reason to question the rules that would be imposed for design and construction. If it happens, and new plants are built in Belgium, it is likely that the same philosophy as for the currently operating plants would be applied, with the selection of a “fresher” version of ASME Code Section III (and the other Sections called upon by ASME III) and Section VIII Div. 1. Transpositions would be revised, but the general framework and the actors would remain the same.

61.1 Introduction
61.2 Belgium Pressure Equipment Regulation
61.3 The Derogation
61.4 Quality Groups, Classes, and Applicable Codes
61.5 Repairs, Replacements, and Modifications
61.6 Subsection IWA — General Requirements
61.7 Subsection IWB — Requirements for Class 1 Components of Light-Water Cooled Plants
61.8 Subsection IWC — Requirements for Class 2 Components of Light-Water Cooled Plants
61.9 Subsection IWE — Requirements for Class MC and Metallic Liners of Class CC Components of Light-Water Cooled Plants
61.10 Subsection IWL — Requirements for Class CC Concrete Components of Light-Water Cooled Plants
61.11 Appendix II — Owner's Reports for In-Service Inspections
61.12 Appendix IX — Application Rules of the ASME Code Section III or Other Regulations for Repair or Replacement of Components in Operating Nuclear Units
61.13 Appendix X — An Independent Body Distinct from the Mandated Organization Performing the AIA Role
61.14 Evolution of the Rules
61.15 Acknowledgment
61.16 References
61.17 Appendices
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