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International Conference on Mechanical and Electrical Technology, 3rd, (ICMET-China 2011), Volumes 1–3

Yi Xie
Yi Xie
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This paper is to propose a nutation drive with new type of roller elements. The nutation drive is made with a minimum number of parts, and can realize constant ratio of speed transmission. Typically, an input member will be provided with means initiating nutating or wobbling movement in the device. In addition, the device system employs two series of new roller elements in the form of balls with holder. In this manner, gear teeth are eliminated and replaced with a stator where there are many looped grooves on the one hand, and the rotor where there cuts a groove on the other hand. In this paper, the problems such as design of the new type of roller, tooth profile synthesis and movement analysis are studied. According to transform matrix method, theoretical profile equations of the stator and the rotor are established.

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