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BioNano Monographs

Modified Detrended Fluctuation Analysis (mDFA)

T. Yazawa
T. Yazawa
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ASME Press
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The mDFA method can be used to calculate SI. The method involves: preparing a time series data, removing “trend” from the data, collecting fluctuation statistically, making a graph F(n) vs. (n) [where (n) is variance and (n) is box-size], and finding slope that is SI. If one can find the slope, one can conclude that the data has scaling characteristics. In other words, a law of scaling governs the data. But in empirical data from nature, “scaling” does not last from zero to infinity. I found that the “scaling” area to which I should pay attention to calculate SI is [30; 270] beats per min (BPM).

8.1 Detrend and Scaling

8.2 A Device

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