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BioNano Monographs

Modified Detrended Fluctuation Analysis (mDFA)

T. Yazawa
T. Yazawa
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ASME Press
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Fulfilled people are rare in this world. Rather, people spend their lives dealing with stress, anxiety, sickness, and so on. From my pool of more than 350 subjects, I found people who had an SI near one were rare. In short, those who have the willingness to do something, or are highly motivated, and are active during their EKGs, generally have an SI close to one (1/f rhythm). The rate was less than half (Table 5-1, Figure 5-5). So many people exhibited a lower SI. I have recorded the heartbeats of people from Iran, Indonesia, Japan, America, Canada, Australia, Germany, Russia, and so forth. And SI more or less indicates a person's state of health. Specifically, unhappy states were detectable through a combination of interviews and mDFA. When interviewing people, I observe and make notes, then interpret the mDFA results later. But this is a hard task. I hope someone invents an mDFA device that would make it easier to manage daily life. The SI is a numerically expressed quantitative measure, the scaling exponent, which is the outcome of mDFA computation, which was first innovated by people such as Peng, Stanley, Goldberger, Ivanov, Glass, and others.

6.1 Discussion

6.2 Spatial and Temporal Dynamical Structure in Biology

6.3 Necessity of Physics and Mathematics in Biology

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