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Handbook for Cogeneration and Combined Cycle Power Plants, Second Edition

Meherwan P. Boyce, P.E.
Meherwan P. Boyce, P.E.
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ASME Press
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Energy costs in the past decade have risen dramatically. With this large increase in energy costs, the acceptability of inefficient engine systems is very limited. Turbine and diesel engine efficiencies range from the 30% to 45% range (with some even lower), which implies that between 55% and 70% of the energy supplied is wasted. The privatization of large central energy corporations run by large government bureaucracies throughout the world has been a major incentive in the search for more efficient techniques of generation of power. The United Kingdom spearheaded the privatization schemes in the 1980s and 1990s, and other countries small and large have followed. The United States is opening up its large power market, and by the year 2010, a very open market will be in place in the United States.

The energy marketplace of the first quarter of the new century (2000 to 2025) will be very different from the last quarter of the 1900s. Competition for the energy market will be very fierce and non-traditional, with many new and efficient energy conversion systems in the marketplace. The traditional utilities of the 20th will not exist in the 21st centuries. The traditional utilities, which were generating power, transmitting power, and then distributing the power, will be broken up into three separate companies in these areas. These companies will be autonomous and will have no relationship with each other than what the marketplace will exert on them. The transmitting companies will be transmitting power purchased by the distributing companies from various power generation companies. Power will be a commodity, like grain, and will be traded freely allowing consumers to buy from various power sources.

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