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Guidebook for the Design of ASME Section VIII Pressure Vessels

James R. Farr
James R. Farr
Wadsworth, Ohio
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Maan H. Jawad
Maan H. Jawad
Camas, Washington
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ASME Press
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To meet the design and loading requirements of VIII-1 and VIII-2, many design equations, charts, tables, and curves for standard pressure components, such as shells and heads, are provided. There are rules for some special components with different geometries and arrangements which require additional consideration. The components considered in this chapter are in both VIII-1 and VIII-2 with the main difference being the allowable stresses and VIII-2 not containing some of the details given in VIII-1. For those details not contained in the sections referenced below, U-2(g) & UG-22 of VIII-1 and Chapter 5 of VIII-2, Design by Analysis,...

6.1 Introduction and Background
6.2 Braced and Stayed Construction
6.2.1 Braced and Stayed Surfaces
6.2.2 Stays and Staybolts
6.3 Jacketed Vessels
6.3.1 Types of Jacketed Vessels
6.3.2 Design of Closure Member for Jacket to Vessel
6.3.3 Design of Openings in Jacketed Vessels
6.4 Half-Pipe Jackets
6.4.1 Maximum Allowable Internal Pressure in Half-Pipe Jacket
6.4.2 Minimum Thickness of Half-Pipe Jacket
6.5 Vessels of Noncircular Cross Section
6.5.1 Types of Vessels and Pressure Loading
6.5.2 Basis for Allowable Stresses
6.5.3 Openings in Vessels of Noncircular Cross Section
6.5.4 Vessels of Rectangular Cross Section
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