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Companion Guide to the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Volume 2, Third Edition
K. R. Rao
K. R. Rao
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ASME Press
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Chapter 24, authored by Joel G. Feldstein, discusses Section IX, Welding and Brazing Qualifications. As the title indicates, this chapter deals with the qualification of welding and brazing procedures as well as the qualification of individuals performing those procedures as required by the Construction Codes of the ASME B&PV and Piping Codes. Joel discusses the two-Part organization of the 2007 Edition of Section IX: Part QW, covering welding, and Part QB, covering brazing. Each Part is divided into four Articles. The coverage for Part QW includes general requirements for both welding procedure and welder performance qualification and the variables applicable to welding procedure and welder performance qualification. Part QB has a similar format: general requirements for brazing procedure and brazer performance qualification and the variables applicable to brazing procedure and brazer performance qualification. Commentary is provided on all of the Articles with aid of figures and tables, and Code Interpretations are used to provide the Code User with some insight into the requirements of Section IX.

Joel provides a description of the more common welding processes used in Code construction, reviews the qualification ASME_FM_Vol_I_pi-lxxxii.qxd 5/19/09 3:11 PM Page lviii rules, provides commentary on those requirements, and covers the historical background leading to the increased use of welding in manufacturing operations. Where comments are provided, they represent Joel's opinions and should not be regarded as the positions of the ASME Code or its Subcommittee on Welding.

24.1 Introduction
24.2 History of Section IX
24.3 Organization of Section IX
24.4 Welding Processes
24.5 Classification of Materials
24.6 Qualification of Welding Procedures
24.7 Qualification of Welders and Welding Operators
24.8 Impact Tested Weld Procedures
24.9 Testing and Examination Requirements
24.10 Corrosion-Resistant and Hardfacing Overlay
24.11 Brazing
24.12 Future Actions for Section IX's Consideration
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