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Companion Guide to the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Volume 1, Third Edition

K. R. Rao
K. R. Rao
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ASME Press
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Chapter 18, was authored by M. A. Malek and John I. Woodworth for the first edition, and co-authored by Geoffrey M. Halley for the Second edition. The current third edition has been revised by Edwin A. Nordstrom. In the first edition, the chapter covered Section IV, Rules for Construction of Heating Boilers, using the 1998 Edition, 1999 Addenda, and Interpretations and has now been updated to the 2007 edition. To assist the reader in understanding and using the Code, this chapter is presented in a simplified manner, with the understanding that it is not a Code book and is not written to replace the Code book published by ASME. A historical perspective of Section IV is provided to trace the criteria covered by the Code. The authors define the boilers that fall within thejurisdiction of this Section and provide a detailed discussion of the minimum requirements for the safe design, construction, installation, and inspection of low-pressure-steam boilers and hot-water boilers, which are directly fired with oil, gas, electricity, or other solid or liquid fuels. However, the authors do not cover the operation, repair, alteration, rerating, and maintenance of such boilers, but they do cover potable-water heaters and water-storage tanks for operation at pressures not exceeding 160 psi and water temperatures not exceeding 210°F.

In the first edition, Chapter 18 addressed the Code Interpretations, the Addenda, and the Code Inquiry procedure as they relate to Section IV. The authors mentioned that the format used for this chapter is compatible with the format used in Section IV (1998 Edition, 1999 Addenda, and Interpretations). For the current edition using the 2007 Code, this is still valid. For easy identification, the exact numbers of paragraphs, figures, and tables from the Code book have been used in the running text. The appendices include Method of Checking Safety Valve and Safety Relief Valve Capacity; Examples of Methods of Calculating a Welded Ring Reinforced Furnace; Examples of Methods of Computation of Openings in Boiler Shells; Glossary; and two examples of Manufacturer's Data Report Forms.

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