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Industrial Energy Systems

Richard E. Putman
Richard E. Putman
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ASME Press
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A number of strategies were identified in chapter 4 that have been successfully used to optimize the steam and power distributions within the energy systems of several industrial plants. Chapter 5 will be devoted to reviewing how these techniques were applied to a number of actual cases. In almost every case, existing plant data was studied to estimate the magnitude of the savings that might be realized from the application of an optimization strategy. In the course of these studies, there was usually something unique to be learned about the intrinsic behavior of the plant or system that may have a more general application. Attention will be drawn to these insights where appropriate.

5.1 Linear Programming Applications
5.1.1 Plant with Only One Steam Turbogenerator
5.1.2 Paper Mill with Two Steam Turbogenerators An Off-Line Study
5.1.3 Plant with One Condensing and One Backpressure Turbogenerator Costs Comments
5.1.4 Optimal Utilization of Waste Heat Steam—Phosphate Processing Plant Variables Costs Optimization Comments
5.2 SSDEVOP Applications
5.2.1 SSDEVOP Solution of Linear Problem
5.2.2 SSDEVOP Solution of Non-Linear (Boiler) Problem
5.2.3 Optimization of VARS within a Small Refinery Distribution System
5.3 Equal Incremental Cost Applications
5.3.1 Range of Boilers
5.3.2 Hydroelectric Turbogenerators
5.3.3 In-plant Dispatching of Steam Turbogenerators
5.3.4 Optimal Load Trajectories
5.4 Combined Cycle Optimization Data Flow
5.4.2 Equipment Models Gas Turbogenerator Heat Recovery Steam Generator Steam Turbogenerator
5.4.3 Linear Programming Matrix
5.4.4 Results On-Line Application Accuracy of the Method
5.4.5 Optimization Results
5.5 Condenser/Cooling Tower Subsystem Optimization Condenser Model Cooling Tower Model Commentary
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