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Industrial Energy Systems

Richard E. Putman
Richard E. Putman
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ASME Press
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In this Chapter, a number of optimizing strategies for industrial energy systems are detailed together with the situations in which they apply. It is possible to think of the word optimize as being composed of two ideas: that of options or choice and the idea of maximizing or minimizing the operating situation by selecting the most appropriate choice. Thus, for an optimizing situation to exist at all, it is essential that two or more choices be available to the operator, whether the choices involve different system configurations, different internal energy distributions or the availability of a number of fuels.


4.1 Linear Programming Applications
4.1.1 Commentary
4.2 The Simplex Self-Directing Evolutionary Operation (SSDEVOP) Optimizing Technique
4.2.1 The Simplex Principle
4.2.2 SSDEVOP Experimental Design
4.2.3 SSDEVOP Optimization of a System with Two Turbogenerators
4.3 Steepest Ascent Method
4.4 Equal Incremental Cost Method
4.5 Optimal Trajectories
4.6 The Kalman Filter as a Process Modeling Tool
4.7 Conclusions
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