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Industrial Energy Systems

Richard E. Putman
Richard E. Putman
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ASME Press
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Before a system can be analyzed, the behavior of the components of that system must first be understood. In this chapter, a number of the most important components of an Industrial Energy System are studied and their basic heat and mass equations are provided, together with their energy conversion equations, when appropriate.

3.1 Introduction
3.2 Fossil-fuel Fired Boilers
3.2.1 The Calculation of Combustion Efficiency
3.2.2 Estimating the Flow of a Fuel when its Flow is not Directly Measured
3.2.3 Incremental Cost
3.3 Steam Pressure Reducing Valves
3.3.1 Adiabatic Expansion
3.3.2 Isothermal Expansion
3.4 Steam Desuperheaters
3.4.1 Desuperheated Steam Temperature Set Points
3.4.2 Steam Turbogenerators
3.4.3 Simple Turbogenerator
3.4.4 Back Pressure or Topping Turbogenerators
3.4.5 Turbogenerators Controlled from Surplus Steam
3.4.6 Extraction/Condensing Steam Turbogenerators
3.5 Steam Surface Condensers
3.5.1 Steam Surface Condenser Operations
3.5.2 Steam Surface Condenser Maintenance
3.5.3 Steam Surface Condenser Tube Cleaning
3.5.4 Fouling Deposit Characteristics
3.5.5 Deposit Sampling
3.6 Cooling Towers
3.6.1 Cooling Tower Heat Transfer Theory
3.6.2 Cooling Tower Characteristic Curve
3.6.3 Predicting Cooling Tower Performance
3.6.4 Air Property Algorithms
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