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International Conference on Computer Technology and Development, 3rd (ICCTD 2011)
Jianhong Zhou
Jianhong Zhou
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To selection the jujube of south xinjiang( moisture content of about 25% and consistent quality), then to dry the jujube naturally in the air and microwave respectively untill the water content decreased two percent points, collecting the spectrum, using two-dimensional correlation analysis approach to contrast changes in water content before and after the synchronous spectrum automatic peak, cross peaks, asynchronous spectrum automatic peak, analysis of dynamic spectrum, synchronous spectrum of cross peaks in the 1000cm-1 and 14688 cm-1 two wavelengths can have good correlation, which is probably the same ingredient absorption induced, circle the number reflects the change is relatively smooth at wavelengths, radius is the basic bandwidth, a crevasse jujube correlation is the opposite, a high degree of correlation in nearby 14000cm-1, low near the 1000cm-1 and the normal contrast. Near infrared spectroscopy analysis involves a series of spectral processing, model optimization operation, Two dimensional correlation analysis of near infrared spectroscopy jujube quality differences require a lengthy analysis process, therefore in the process of modeling, often do not know the results of the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages, near infrared spectroscopy analysis performance needs to be ultimately through the model of evaluation parameters and prediction results to measure the actual sample.

Key Words
1 Introduction
2. Material and Methods of Measurement
3 Data Processing
4. Summaries
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