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International Conference on Computer Technology and Development, 3rd (ICCTD 2011)
Jianhong Zhou
Jianhong Zhou
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According to the statistics from China Disabled Persons' Federation, the number of all kinds of the disabled persons has exceeded sixty millions in China. Therefore, China is the country, which has the most disabled persons in the world. The undertaking for giving care and love to the disabled persons has become one of the most important indexes to measure the civilization and development of a city, an area and a country. At present, great numbers of the developed countries and areas have taken the physical exercises of the disabled persons as a very important factor to measure the social security plan for the disabled persons, and also have integrated them into the corresponding laws and organizational systems. At the mean time, China also attaches high importance to the undertaking for the disabled persons. For example, the compulsory education law, law on the protection of persons with disabilities and regulations on the education of the disabled were promulgated in succession. All these safeguard all kinds of rights and interests of the disabled persons. In the tenth five-year period, there were 13812 disabled students to study at general higher learning schools. It is an imperative task for a physical educational worker to select the effective sports means and methods to improve the physical health of the disabled students. Under the guidance of the modern education thoughts and behavioral theories, and by combining the actual work, the author makes an investigation and study on the attitudes and behaviors of the deaf students of higher learning schools towards physical education, for the purpose of better exerting the role of physical education and making the personalities of these students developed in an all-round way.

Key Words
1.Situation of Deaf Students Taking Physical Educational Courses
2.Situation of Deaf Students Taking Sports Activities
3.Conclusion and Suggestion
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