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International Conference on Computer Technology and Development, 3rd (ICCTD 2011)

Jianhong Zhou
Jianhong Zhou
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In order to acquire selective pressure analysis of Leptospira_Interrogans_Serova_Lai using the concept of gene duplication, synonymous and non-synonymous substitution based on differential equation is used to analysis the selective pressure in this paper. By introducing the gene duplication, the model can rationally acquire the selective pressure of the duplicate genes, comparing the rates of synonymous and non-synonymous. The result shows that early in their history for Leptospira_interrogans_serovar_Lai, many gene duplicates experience a phase of relaxed purifying selection, subsequently selection constraint gradually increases and eventually tended to the stability.

Key Words
1 Introduction
2 Gene Duplication
3 Evolution Selection
4. Evolution Analysis
5. Discussion
6. Acknowledgements
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