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International Conference on Computer Technology and Development, 3rd (ICCTD 2011)

Jianhong Zhou
Jianhong Zhou
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XML has become the de facto standard for data representation and data communication over the World Wide Web. Due to the self describing nature of XML, it is accepted World Wide as a data exchange. But the same self describing ability makes it verbose and thus introduces redundancy in the document. This large document size also affects efficiency of time and efficiency of storage while transmitting, processing and storing the data. Therefore it is better to use efficient compression techniques for storage and querying. Several XML compression techniques have been introduced from past few years. However those compression techniques require decompression to query the XML document, do not support dynamic updating and also results in huge storage. In this paper we introduce a different approach for compression. Our approach exploits consecutive sub trees and tags for compression using pre order labeling scheme and stores it using indexers, thus resulting in an efficient query processing and reduced storage requirement.

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