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International Hydrogen Conference (IHC 2012): Hydrogen-Materials Interactions
B. P. Somerday
B. P. Somerday
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P. Sofronis
P. Sofronis
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Local in-situ measurements of hydrogen distribution in the microstructure become increasingly important to elucidate the degradation mechanisms. In contrast to other attempts, modern TOF-SIMS instruments might provide precise element and phase mappings at sub-μm lateral resolution, enabling imaging of the microstructure and analysis of the chemical composition. Such technique has thus been applied to image the deuterium distribution in duplex stainless steel microstructures. After electrochemical charging, accumulations of deuterium have been detected in the austenite grains, causing parallel cracking in this phase which up to the present has been regarded as less prone to hydrogen or deuterium deterioration in comparison to the δ-ferrite. Hydrogen and deuterium behave quite similarly in metallic microstructures. TOF-SIMS imaging of Deuterium and Hydrogen might thus significantly contribute to elucidate respective metallurgical failure mechanisms. Such imaging also represents a valuable tool to validate respective numerical analyses of hydrogen distributions.

TOF-SIMS Imaging of Deuterium Distribution
Numerical Simulation of Hydrogen Diffusion
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