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International Hydrogen Conference (IHC 2012): Hydrogen-Materials Interactions

B. P. Somerday
B. P. Somerday
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P. Sofronis
P. Sofronis
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This paper overviews studies in progress in the author’s group on tribology in hydrogen. The studies are on friction and wear of a range of materials in hydrogen, rolling contact fatigue of steels in hydrogen, and relevant processes occurring at tribo-interfaces. Important findings include significant effects of a small amount of oxygen and water in hydrogen on tribo-chemical processes at metal and polymer surfaces, additional effects by hydrogen, effects of high pressure at tribo-interfaces, and effects of contact conditions on hydrogen uptake at contacting surfaces.

Generation of Hydrogen
Permeation of Hydrogen
Adsorption and Reaction of Hydrogen
Reaction of Trace Water and Oxygen
Reaction in Polymer/Metal Contact
Processes in High Pressure Hydrogen
Concluding Remarks
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