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Thermal Power Plant Cooling: Context and Engineering
C. King
C. King
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ASME Press
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In a steam power plant a steam condenser is used to condense the exhaust steam from the low-pressure turbine. When the steam condenser uses water as the cooling medium and is designed like a shell-and-tube heat exchanger, it is called a surface condenser. When the steam condenser uses air as the cooling medium and is designed like a radiator, it is called an air-cooled condenser (ACC).

3.1 Heat and Water Balance of Power Plant Cooling Systems
3.2 Summary of S-GEM: System-Level Generic Model of Thermal Cooling Systems
3.3 Cooling of Natural Gas Combustion and Combined Cycle Power Plants
3.4 Extraction of Water From Power Plant Exhaust Gas
3.5 Specific Cooling Water Requirements in Commercial Nuclear Power
3.6 USGS Estimation of Water Consumption and Withdrawal—Including Forced Evaporation
3.7 Evaporation Suppression From Reservoirs
3.8 Considerations for Water Quality and Treatment for Power Plant Cooling Water
3.9 Nomenclature
3.10 References
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