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International Conference on Software Technology and Engineering (ICSTE 2012)
Jianhong Zhou
Jianhong Zhou
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Now every family has many different lamps, correspondingly they have their own switches and wire layouts, too. This brings our life to much trouble, and many resources are wasted. So in this paper, a new Home-Lamp System (HLS) controlled by wireless network is proposed. This system is not only clever and expedient, but also can reduce many wire layouts to spare resources. The proposed HLS is based on IEEE802.15.4, especially ZigBee protocol. The proposed scheme consists of two main parts. The one part is the hardware design; the other is the software design. The hardware design is based on CC2430 as the controller core. The hardware part hat one network coordinator, some router nodes and some terminal control nodes. The coordinator is responsible for building and managing network. The router is working for the relay controller. The terminal control nodes can get some information for its controllable devices from WPAN (wireless personal area network). The software part uses IAR Embedded Workbench. Based on Zstack-1.4.2-1.1.0 protocol provided by TI, man can program the control codes of the system. The proposed scheme can also provide the well-defined interface and the necessary basis for preparing the smart home system.

1. Introduction
2. Hardware Design of the System
3. Software Program Design
4. Result
5. Conclusion
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