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International Conference on Software Technology and Engineering (ICSTE 2012)
Jianhong Zhou
Jianhong Zhou
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Two optimum power transfer models of self-excited induction generators (SEIGs) have been studied with a view to validating previous findings. The first model employed a capacitor bank-load approach to optimising by sizing of shunt and shunt-series compensation capacitors for SEIG variable speed wind turbines, and the use of 50uF shunt + 45uF series capacitors in this first model was validated and supported. The second model employed an extrapolated magnetizing characteristic resulting in three curves, in which the generated voltage provides a high degree of voltage stability without changing the excitation capacitor or exceeding the generator rating. Errors were found in the best-fit coefficients presented in this second model, which are corrected, represented, and validated.

1. Introduction
2. Background
3. Models
4. Results: Capacitor Bank-Load Approach Model
5. Results: Magnetism Reactance Approach
6. Conclusions
7. Further Work
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