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Flow Induced Vibration of Power and Process Plant Components: A Practical Workbook

M. K. Au-Yang, Ph.D., P.E.
M. K. Au-Yang, Ph.D., P.E.
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ASME Press
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Although not the most costly, acoustically induced vibration is probably one of the most common vibration problems in the power and process industries. Vessels, piping systems, valve cavities, heat exchanger internals, ducts and many other components are potential resonators in which standing waves can form, while fans, pumps, valves, elbows, obstruction and discontinuities in flow channels, or even the addition or removal of heat all have the potential to excite these standing waves. Once the resonant conditions are met, the resulting sound intensity in most cases will require remedial action. In some cases, acoustic excitation can cause rapid fatigue failure...

12.1 Introduction
12.2 Velocities of Sound in Material Media
Velocity of Sound in Gases
Velocity of Sound in Liquids
Velocity of Sound in Water, Steam or Water/Steam Mixture
Velocity of Sound in Solids
Apparent Velocity of Sound Through a Tube Bundle
12.3 Standing Waves in Pipes and Ducts
Slender Pipes with Both Ends Open
Slender Pipes with Both Ends Closed
Slender Pipes with One end Open and the other Closed
Slender Annular Pipes and Pipes of Other Cross-Sections
Example 12.1
12.4 Standing Waves in Cavities
Enclosed Rectangular Cavities
Rectangular Cavity Opened at End x=0, Closed at All Others
Rectangular Cavity Opened at End x=0, L1, Closed at All Others
The Annular Cavity
Finite Cylindrical Cavity
The Helmholtz Resonator
Example 12.2
Example 12.3
Example 12.4
12.5 Heat Exchanger Acoustics
Resonance Maps
Sound Pressure Level
Example 12.5
12.8 Thermoacoustics
12.9 Suppression of Acoustic Noise
12.10 Response of Structures to Acoustic Waves
12.11 Case Studies
Case Study 12.1: Noise and Vibration Caused by Cavitating Venturi
Case Study 12.2: Acoustic Noise Generated by a Spherical Elbow
Case Study 12.3: Acoustic Resonance in Valve Cavity
Case Study 12.4: Acoustic Resonance in Heat Exchanger
Case Study 12.5: Valve-Generated Acoustic Waves in a Pipe
Case Study 12.6: Thermoacoustic Vibration of a Gas Turbine Recuperator
Appendix 12A: Scattering of Normal Incident Acoustic Wave by a Cylinder
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