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BioNano Monographs

Chitosan and Its Derivatives as Promising Drug Delivery Carriers

M. Prabaharan
M. Prabaharan
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ASME Press
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Chitosan has been marketed throughout the world as a component in non-medical products, as an approved food additive, and as a fat binder in cholesterol-lowering and slimming formulations [14]. It has been claimed that chitosan entraps lipids in the intestine, because of its cationic nature [15]. It has also been studied in the biomedical field and has been found to be highly biocompatible [16]. It is found that chitosan is metabolized by certain human enzymes, especially lysozyme, and is considered biodegradable [17]. Chitosan has also been approved by the authorities, and a monograph relating to chitosan hydrochloride was included in the fourth edition of the European Pharmacopoeia (2002).

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