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Pipe Stress Engineering

Liang-Chuan Peng
Liang-Chuan Peng
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Tsen-Loong Peng
Tsen-Loong Peng
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ASME Press
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A static load is applied slowly and gradually to the piping or other structural system. It does not involve any time factor, nor the inertia of the mass. On the other hand, a dynamic load is applied rapidly to the piping or other structural systems. The manner in which the dynamic load is applied, in addition to the magnitude of the load, substantially affects the system response. In dealing with dynamic loads, not only is the time factor important; the mass that represents the inertia of the structure is also important.

This chapter deals with some fundamental concepts of dynamic...

12.1. Impact and Dynamic Load Factor
12.2. SDOF Structures
12.2.1 Working Formula for SDOF Systems
12.2.2 Un-Damped SDOF Systems
12.2.3 Damped SDOF Systems
12.2.4 Summary of the Characteristics of SDOF Vibration
12.3. Damping
12.4. Sonic Velocity Versus Flow Velocity
12.4.1 Sonic Velocity
12.4.2 Flow Velocity
12.5. Shaking Forces due to Fluid Flow
12.6. Safety Valve Relieving Forces
12.6.1 Open Discharge System
12.6.2 Closed Discharge System
12.7. Steam Turbine Trip Load
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