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Process Piping: The Complete Guide to ASME B31.3, Third Edition

Charles Becht, IV
Charles Becht, IV
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ASME Press
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Requirements for supports and other devices to restrain the piping are provided in Chapter II of ASME B31.3, specifically in Section 321, Piping Support.

ASME B31.3 provides general requirements for piping supports as well as descriptions of conditions for which they must designed. The support elements (e.g., springs, hanger rods, etc.) are within the scope of ASME B31.3, but the support structures to which they are attached are not. The supports must achieve the objectives in the design of the piping for sustained and occasional loads as well as thermal displacement.

9.1 Overview of Supports
9.2 Materials and Allowable Stress
9.3 Design of Supports
Insert 9.1 Spring Design
Insert 9.2 Stress Classification
9.4 Fabrication of Supports
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