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Manufacturing Engineering: Principles for Optimization, Third Edition
Daniel T. Koenig
Daniel T. Koenig
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ASME Press
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Once the plant appropriation request has been approved, the facilities program enters into an implementation phase. We leave the domain of strategic planning and enter that of equipment purchase, including negotiation, procurement, and installation of the equipment to perform the intended task. Also, once the PAR has been approved the facilities project ceases to involve all aspects of the company. It continues to have high priority only within manufacturing engineering and, secondarily, within shop operations. To the other functions of the company the project is history; to manufacturing engineering, it is just beginning.

In this chapter we will explore the many facets of a capital equipment project that lead up to successful implementation. Some of the items occur before PAR approval, some after. The sequence described is the optimum way of approaching the accomplishment of capital equipment projects.

Making the Preliminary Layout
The Layout Checklist and How to Tie Into Project Management
Working with Vendors
Selecting the Equipment
Implementation Schedule During Manufacturing of Equipment
Implementing Equipment on the Factory Floor
Capital Equipment Project Control Charts
Commercial Software for Networking and Gantt Charts
Review Questions
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