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International Conference on Instrumentation, Measurement, Circuits and Systems (ICIMCS 2011)

Chen Ming
Chen Ming
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ASME Press
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Pixel Pair Modification (PPM) based magic squares is proposed for data hiding. The aim is to improve the drawbacks of payload versus PSNR of LSB. The traditional PPM-related methods did not consider the combination of square contents. If we can give the best combination of the magic square, making the cover image pixel value for the least amount of change. So the same amount of possession, but also embed the highest performance. As the size N × N permutation and combination of the magic square that is (N × N)! Species almost not can be effectively solved. This paper size for the N × N optimal combination of the magic square problem of the development of an exhaustive algorithm. To 3 × 3 magic square the size of the experiment, using the image signal to noise ratio Peak signal of noise ration (PSNR) as a image quality camouflage to determine performance benchmark. Method in the construction of a data matrix and pixel square difference between mobile data matrix, to quickly exhaustive combination of all of its solutions. The sequence if all of the confidential information embedded into the cover image, only extract pixel pair from the cover image.

Search for magic square, revise pixel pair and restore to the cover image. This process as the standard embed course. In the study of results to showing, this paper's method is explanation the first combination solution and compare the standard embed course. It can reduce the solution time of about 68.7%.About 3.37s.And the other of the combination solution. Each combination of solutions to solve only the standard embed the process 0.076%.About 0.0082s. Therefore, this paper method can effectively solve the time-consuming by brute-force method. Quickly to get Optimal solution of the magic square, it can be used to enhance performance of pixel pair modification (PPM) based magic squares is proposed for data hiding.

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