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International Conference on Instrumentation, Measurement, Circuits and Systems (ICIMCS 2011)

Chen Ming
Chen Ming
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Geographic routing with greedy forwarding is attractive for WSN, but holes in networks often cause routing failures. Aiming at this situation, we propose a Greedy Georouting Algorithm with Constructed Void-bypass Paths (Conby). Conby will set up one or two shortest bypass paths for every hole. Then the subsequent forwarding of packets will be aware of the void before reaching its routing hole node, consequently saving a lot of unnecessary energy consumption. To prevent the exhausting of nodes' energy in the network, we introduce a threshold of the remaining energy. This will encourage more nodes to participate with the routing activity, make energy usage balanced in the network and extend the network lifetime. Simulation results show that compared with classic GPSR and RGP, Conby algorithm has advantages of fewer routing hops, lower energy consumption and load balance in the whole network.

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