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International Conference on Instrumentation, Measurement, Circuits and Systems (ICIMCS 2011)

Chen Ming
Chen Ming
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Precise and reliable information on the machinability of a material before it enters the machining process is a necessity, and hypotheses must be tested through verification by actual methods. This article presents conclusions of machinability tests on new austenitic stainless steels X1Cr14Ni10MoTi with Extra Low Carbon (ELC) and verified with software of CA-X systems. This article presents the results of experiments that concerned the verification of machined surface conditions of workpieces from a new austenitic stainless steel with Extra Low Carbon (ELC) X1Cr14Ni10MoTi and cutting tool wear. The results of cutting zone evaluation under cutting conditions (cutting speed vc=70m/min, depth of cut ap=3,0mm and feed f=0.06mm per rev.) are a definition of shear level angle and the texture angle. For X1Cr14Ni10MoTi steel Φ1 is 35°. The acquired results are interesting in that for the defined conditions we can achieve a quality outer surface after cutting with roughness parameters down to around 0.58 µm.

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