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International Conference on Information Technology and Computer Science, 3rd (ITCS 2011)
V. E. Muhin
V. E. Muhin
National Technical University of Ukraine
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W. B. Hu
W. B. Hu
Wuhan University
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ASME Press
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With the rapid development of Internet, there have been more and more web services available on the network. New services can be composed by existing services to meet different application requirements. When faced with so many semantic web services with same functions, select the optimal web services to response users' requests becomes an urgent problem needs to be solved. Since most web services have their functional and non-functional QoS parameters, the selection policy can be determined by these parameters. In this paper, we propose a solution based on QoS to select the optimal web services. Firstly, a template library is built in local cache to keep the records of web services have been used. If it cannot complete web service selection, the QoS parameters would be requested. When users get web services' QoS parameters, Pareto principle is used to filter out the candidate web services that satisfy the users' constraints. Then a web service selection algorithm named WeigSelector is proposed, which is based on different weights of subjective and objective parameters. Finally, the optimal web services can be selected by WeigSelector. At the end of this paper, experiments are carried out to compare the efficiency of our algorithm with another web service selection algorithm.

Related Work
Web Service Selection Procedure
Web Service Selection Algorithm
Experiments and Evalutions
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