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International Conference on Information Technology and Computer Science, 3rd (ITCS 2011)
V. E. Muhin
V. E. Muhin
National Technical University of Ukraine
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W. B. Hu
W. B. Hu
Wuhan University
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ASME Press
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Given a collection of strings S={s1,,sn} over an alphabet Σ , a superstring s of S is a string containing each si as a substring; that is, for each i, 1<i<n, s contains a block of |si| consecutive characters that match si exactly. The shortest superstring problem is the problem of finding a superstring s of minimum length. This problem is NP- hard and has applications in computational biology and data compression. In this paper, we characterize the shortest superstring as a Hamiltonian path in a directed graph, and introduce an efficient (polynomial time) approach for it.

I. Introduction
II. DNA Sequencing Problem
III. DNA Overlap Graph Model
IV. Conclusions
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