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Proceedings of the International Conference on Technology Management and Innovation

Hao Xie
Hao Xie
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Hydrogen and its isotopes play an important role in the fields of nuclear power, resource and petrochemical industries. However, as hydrogen's isotopes have radioactivity, they can threaten environment and security, even lead to the degradation of materials. Accordingly, the development of economy is restricted and safety of human is threatened. To prevent or decelerate the access of Tritium/hydrogen to materials, tritium/hydrogen permeation barrier coating was brought into research at the end of 1970s. With the development of nuclear power technology, extensive investigations on tritium/hydrogen permeation barrier coatings have been carried out, and the scope of investigation has been extended to the petrochemical and electronic industries. In this paper, the development and current situation of tritium/hydrogen permeation barriers was summarized, including detailed analysis on the choice of materials of barrier coatings, coating techniques, tritium/hydrogen permeation barrier mechanism etc. Existing problems on the performance evaluation of tritium/hydrogen permeation barrier coatings was brought forth and the corresponding suggestion was made.

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