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International Conference on Computer and Automation Engineering, 4th (ICCAE 2012)

Jianhong Zhou
Jianhong Zhou
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Nowadays new interaction forms are not limited by Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) making Human Computer Interaction (HCI) more natural. The development of humanoid robots for natural interaction is a challenging research topic. By using gesture based humanoid we can operate any system simply by gestures. The inter-human communication is very complex and offers a variety of interaction possibilities. Although speech is often seen as the primary channel of information, psychologists claim that 60% of the information is transferred non-verbally. Besides body pose, mimics and others gestures like pointing or hand waving are commonly used. In this paper the gesture detection and control system of the humanoid robot CHITTI is presented using a predefined dialog situation. The whole information flow from gesture detection till the reaction of the robot is presented in detail.

Key Words
1. Marking for Gesture Control
2. Pie and Marking Menus:
3. The Prototype:
4. The Recognition Algorithms:
5. UBI Hand
6. Integration:
7. Conclusion:
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