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International Conference on Advanced Computer Theory and Engineering, 4th (ICACTE 2011)
Yi Xie
Yi Xie
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Secure login is a counter measure for the shoulder surfing attack. Shoulder surfing is an observation technique of stealing the information by looking over someone's shoulder. Very often people are unaware of the presence of any external devices like the close circuit cameras and hidden surveillance equipment which are placed to capture their valuable information like the password etc. It is very easy to stand close to someone and look what the other person is typing on the keyboard. Secure login technique could be used in computers where confidential data are used, in highly secured nuclear servers authentication, ATM machines, Email login etc. The Secure Login will also consist of a RSA or MD5 encryption technique to protect the password. This counter measure helps in protecting the password from being stolen even if the password is typed in front of others.

1. Introductions
2. Related Past Techniques Used
3. Our Technique
4. Mathematical Analysis
5. Simulation
6. Advantages of Using This Technique
7. References
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