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International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Technology (ICMET-London 2011)

Garry Lee
Garry Lee
Information Engineering Research Institute
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Due to the dynamic topology of Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs), IEEE 802.11 DCF backoff algorithm suffers from a lack of adequate performance in MANETs. In this paper, Traffic based Adaptive backoff algorithm (TBA backoff algorithm) for IEEE 802.11 DCF has been developed to provide Quality of Service (QoS) requirements. TBA backoff gets feedback from the status of traffic loads in the network to assign the contention window (CW) value. TBA backoff algorithm can be used in Ad hoc Networks with high traffic loads. Particularly, it can be utilized in MANETs where the traffic load's density fluctuates due to nodes mobility. Simulation results demonstrate that by applying TBA backoff algorithm in MAC layer of IEEE 802.11 the QoS requirements such as throughput; end to end delay and jitter are enhanced.

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