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International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Technology (ICMET-London 2011)

Garry Lee
Garry Lee
Information Engineering Research Institute
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The current scalable extension of H.264/AVC video coding standard provides a vast number of scalable profiles and also a very good coding efficiency. But the problem of rate-distortion optimal (RDO) bit stream adaptation becomes difficult since the coding according to the current standard adopts some complex techniques, such as hierarchical prediction structure, inter-layer prediction. In this paper, we propose a new RDO extraction of SVC bit streams. Firstly, we give a distortion model for a frame based on the analysis of MGS coding structure. The model involves distortions of both reference frames and current frame. Then, a new strategy for sorting network abstract layer (NAL) units is provided, which is a combination of a concept of prelayering and a greedy algorithm using the distortion model. In experiments, the proposed new extraction shows a gain of up to 0.35dB when comparing with quality level based extraction in Joint Scalable Video Model (JSVM).

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