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International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Technology (ICMET-London 2011)

Garry Lee
Garry Lee
Information Engineering Research Institute
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This paper, an improved mobile agent for dynamic load balancing by fuzzy logic control (FLCDLB) is presented to maximize the number of the served tasks in developing high performance cluster. This dynamic load balance with the growth of the service type and user number in the mobile networks of the higher performance is required in service provision and throughput. The structure of the load balancing system is composed of three design agents: the load index agent (LIA), the resource management agent (RMA) and the load transfer agent (LTA). The FLC-DLB exhibits better adaptability, robustness, and fault-tolerant capability thus yielding better performance compared to other algorithms. Through simulations, evaluate the response time, turnaround time and throughput to judge the performance of the proposed method. These results demonstrate that the proposed method have high throughput, short response time, turnaround time, less agent host negotiate complexity and tasks transferring overhead.

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