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Geological Engineering: Proceedings of the 1st International Conference (ICGE 2007)
Baosong Ma
Baosong Ma
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It is essential that archaeological sites are kept well preserved for their historical and cultural value. The investigations on the spot indicate that groundwater seepage has already destroyed archaeological sites and ruined cultural relics. This is the main environ-geological reason to cause destruction of archaeological sites. Groundwater numerical simulation can create a conceptual and a numerical model, to simulate the seepage field of the investigated area. In this paper we used the Xiaoshan Kuahu Bridge Canoe site to explain the application of numerical simulation to practical cases. On the basis of hydrogeological conditions, we simulated first the original groundwater contour map, and then predicted the change of seepage felid after putting drainage into practice. The results of the simulation are consistent with the observed data, proving that numerical simulation can provide a means to sustain the conservation of archaeological sites.

Principles of Groundwater Numerical Simulation
Calculation Example
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