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Geological Engineering: Proceedings of the 1st International Conference (ICGE 2007)

Baosong Ma
Baosong Ma
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It is very important to understand the whole evolvement history of gorge slopes during the process of analyzing slope stability and bridge construction engineering feasibility. Based on the previous research, the whole evolvement process of the gorge slope is simulated by FLAC3D method using the bridge site slope of Mashuihe River on the freeway from Shanghai to Kunming as a typical case. The initial stress field of the slope is inversed considering the in-situ ground stress data and the evolvement process of the river physiognomy. The stress and displacement of key points in the slope are dynamically pursued. The results show that the outcomes of numerical simulation agree well with the state of nowadays slope. Along with the river cutting and eroding, the stress behind the river slope will release and adjust in-depth, the present stress field can provide boundary conditions for further simulative work and be the foundation of the feasibility evaluation of the slope rock mass engineering.

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