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Geological Engineering: Proceedings of the 1st International Conference (ICGE 2007)

Baosong Ma
Baosong Ma
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The real-time drill footage and velocity needs precisely measuring in the field of drilling. The paper studies the vibration-proof circuit based on the photoelectric encoder technique for measuring such parameters. According to the features of four kinds of interference pulses, some methods on preventing against their interventions are put forward respectively. The first (I) and second (II) interference pulses can be removed by special hardware, and the third (III) and forth (IV) ones can be removed by real-time compensation. The vibration-proof circuit has been designed with Verilog Hardwire Description Language (Verilog HDL) and complex programmable logic device (CPLD) using the theories of designing synchronizing circuit. The circuit simulation results show that the designed circuit can work well under the bad drilling environment.

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