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Intelligent Engineering Systems Through Artificial Neural Networks, Volume 17

C. H. Dagli
C. H. Dagli
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Due to ethical constrains, medical experiments on humans and animals are not allowed, or extremely limited. To investigate the renal mechanism we propose implementing a mathematical model for the mechanism, simulate the model using Hardware Description Language (HDL), and synthesizing the simulation on a compact electronic chip. The chip mimics the function of the renal system. The function can be explored by testing the chip with input signals representing the input parameters of the system such as concentration of hormones; the signal on the output pins of the chip represents the output of the system. The mathematical model takes into consideration the interaction between the cardiovascular, the nervous, and the hormonal systems. The model is simulated on the computer using hardware description language (HDL). After verifying the simulation results, Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools are implemented to download the simulation into Xilinx FPGA chip.

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