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Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Probabilistic Safety Assessment & Management (PSAM)

Michael G. Stamatelatos
Michael G. Stamatelatos
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Harold S. Blackman
Harold S. Blackman
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The process of aircraft traffic service at the airport constitutes one of the most vital aspects of air traffic management at the airport. The aircraft traffic takes place at a widely understood airport. Due to the fact that it seems extremely difficult, if not impossible, to examine all phenomena taking place in an airport system, considering a real object, a mathematical model was created for that purpose. Basing on this model, a simulation model was built, which, in the end, served as a tool for research and evaluation of the phenomena occurring in this complex system.

It was assumed that the airport consists of two areas:

1. air, related to the aircraft service and limited to the airport area,

2. ground, related to the passengers' service.

Moreover, it was assumed that both within the first and the second area some disturbances among the traffic participants can occur. The passengers' traffic affects the aircrafts traffic. An assumption was made that the passengers' traffic is included in the aircraft traffic model through specific characteristics of disturbance. A model of air traffic within the area of the airport contain the process of aircrafts traffic occurring at:

- points of entrance to the control area of the airport (entry points),

- holding,

- runways,

- ground services of the aircraft,

- beginning and final approach points of the landing and take off.

The disturbances have been modeled as random incidents, which influence the change of the established flight plan parameters. The disturbances were classified as follows:

- disturbances referring to meteorological conditions,

- disturbances referring to traffic situations,

- disturbances referring to other factors — random disturbances.

The simulation model has been built, identified and later used for simulation research as well as for analytical evaluation of the aircraft traffic at the airport, taking into account real disturbances.

A mathematical model, simulation model and demonstration results of the simulation of the process of services which take place at the airport in the course of aircraft service shall be presented in this research.

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